Ikea kök

Ikea, VOXTORP The worktop is also from Ikea, personal white laminate cm. color called matrix color code 9913 from Jotun.

vinkällare med ingång från köket

Maybe I need a new board called- "In my dreams" this would be pretty high on the list. Trapdoor in the Kitchen Floor: spiral staircase to the wine cellar. I would definitely drink more wine.


Black and white kitchen - dark floors contrasted with white cabinets. Black counter top and black window frame.

Tegelgolv, cementgolv, målade trägolv, klinkers och betonggolv. 5 olika köksgolvs-stilar i olika utföranden. Bara att inspireras.

34 olika köksgolv – samlat i 5 olika stilar

Lima Residence, Abramson Teiger Architects, Calabasas CA. - Love how the furniture & architecture compliment each other (design, shape, color)