lace dress <3

White lace dress paired with a watch and navy blue waist length purse. The lace dresses are better for fancier things like going out to a fancy restraunt or you can make it casual and wear it to the movie theatre

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Black Tie Texas Ranch Wedding

I love a classic black tie affair, and this wedding surely doesn't disappoint! Today's black tie Texas ranch wedding is gorgeous all around!

Instead of cocktail hour, having a virgin frozen drink hour is also a nice idea :) for 'Smoothie & Fruit bar'

fontaine à boisson

I like the concept - not sure if this is something we are able to do. Pink lemonade is definitely a sweet & cheap choice! because it quenches my thirst pink yellow lemon lemonade juice drink pretty

Outiror - Arche métal lumineuse

Outiror - Arche métal lumineuse