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Marcus Vinghed
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A tutorial for a very specific windmill. - Screenshots - Show Your Creation - Minecraft Forum - Minecraft Forum

Welcome to this very lengthy tutorial to build this specific windmill. The first 2 images are for showcasing purposes. Keep in mind that this windmill requires a lot of materials. This is an image of the front side.

Minecraft - Aquarium / Fish Tank Tutorial (Decoration Ideas) - YouTube

My friend showed me this really cool aquarium / fish tank design so I decided to make a video about it! I dont know if this is a popular design, but a little.

Minecraft: Cruddly's Steakatron 2000 [Automatic Steak Farm] [Tutorial] - YouTube

Today's tutorial is about a simple boat elevator. This elevator utilizes signs and water to transport the boat. Elevator is easy to build and does not requir.