Kitchen Craft: Soap Clouds! {And homemade kiddie tub soaps

Microwave Ivory Soap Who knew.this is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! [Then you can tear it up and mold into (colored) shapes]- this could potentially occupy my kids for hours

Funny eggs

We can do art with Egg in so many ways. here are a unique collection of funny eggs expressions. Watch these interesting funny eggs photos.


All of us have experienced the feeling of jealousy at some point or another. But why do we get jealous? Are women really more jealous than men? Josh and Chuck get to the bottom of jealousy in this episode.

The stories behind the greatest LDS songs of all time

100 Greatest LDS Songs of All Time: Top 3

Everyday Shortcuts - 9 Tips to Save Time

{Lifestyle} Everyday Shortcuts

Treat your body to delicious fruits that are also nutrient-rich! Strawberries are considered the "queen of fruits" as they are highest in nutrition. Slice some up to top off your Manhattan Margarita for a sweet & tangy twist – you deserve it!