Plastic 2-liter bottles used in vertical garden; Simple and awesome!

14 benefits of vertical gardens

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We love shells. But Shell Crafts can be a bit tricky - how can you make the most of these beautiful and tactile nature finds? Check out our adorable crabs..

Shell Crafts - Crab Fridge Magnets

Art: These Seashell Craft ideas are a great way to preserve those special holiday memories. Turn them into Ladybugs, Rainbow Shells, Birds, Fish or Mermaid Necklaces. You can even show the kids how to Grow Crystal on Seashells as a science experiment.

Prepositioner - lägesord

Prepositioner - lägesord


Spectacular Summer Craft Ideas for Kids Fab Crabs: Turn beachcombed finds into shoreline critters that'll help keep vacation memories alive. If you have a passion for arts and crafts you'll will enjoy this info!

Risultati immagini per pinterest lavoretti bambini

Risultati immagini per pinterest lavoretti bambini

19 cone ideas

Pinecone Reindeer: Pipe cleaners and a wooden bead turn a pinecone into one of Santa's Christmas Eve helpers.