Yet it never turns out to be the last time

I lie to myself about being a But I always come back for more! Isn't so cute in Watch episode 6 tonight on

한복 Hanbok for him (King) / Traditional Korean clothes

Kim Soo Hyun destroys Lee Min Ho in "Best in Hanbok" poll

Moon Embracing the Sun (Hangul: 해를 품은 달;RR: Haereul Pum-eun Dal, also known as The Sun and the Moon) is a 2012 South Korean television drama series, starring Kim Soo-hyun, Han Ga-in,Jung Il-woo and Kim Min-seo. It aired on MBC.

Song Jae Rim / 송재림 "Moon Embracing the Sun" ... Um... Woon was pretty stinking amazing, too.

Song Jae Rim / 송재림 "Moon Embracing the Sun" .<<<I need to watch this now.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho you know, doing his usual thing, just being awfully SEXYYY!

City Hunter - Lee Min Ho - Aish.

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