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Blurred Goggles! #swimmerproblems

To fix this: Use a small spray bottle, baby shampoo, and water. Fill the spray bottle of the way full with shampoo, and then add water. Spray on fronts and insides of goggles, and rub. This recipe is from a coach and it works AMAZINGLY!


Swimmers, Diving, Harry Potter

LOL we had a contest in class and i beat one if the people that can usually hold their breath longer than me underwater

I believe it's because we have the water pressure on us in the water and outside the water we have nothing pushing on us except fucking gravity

Except during practice. Then you would give anything to be home.

Sometimes I wish I never gave up the sport, well the saying is true "once a swimmer always a swimmer" I NEED IT BACK IN MY LIFE

The story of my life

I love swimming. If I could I would stay in a pool twenty-four hours, seven days a week. My mom calls me her water baby. The pool is where I feel the most free. I can do anything in a pool.

Morning practice. Literally I sleep on the deck....

Yup, but Coach would yell at us for sleeping on the pool deck . scratch Coach, Wendy would yell at us for sleeping on the pool deck . she doesn't even swim!