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American Horror Story Hotel | The show runners says that addiction is at the forefront of this season's theme.

Full Season Guide on American Horror Story Season 3 (American Horror Story Coven) with plot explanation, episode guide and some spoilers!

American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story Hotel “Tonight we paint these halls red. Join us for "Devil's Night" at The Hotel Cortez.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Trying to figure out the trajectory of an American Horror Story season is a lot like trying to find that proverbial needle in a haystack. As much as we want to figure it all out, Ryan Murphy simply won't let us, and the mysteries surrounding AHS: Ho…

Community Post: The Ultimate "American Horror Story: Hotel" Drinking Game

I feel like you could revise this to a workout instead; 1 drink = 5 crunches, 2 drinks = 10 second plank, 3 drinks = 20 jumping jacks, finish your drink = 5 pushups

Kyle and Zoe <3 American Horror Story

Pietro was often busy, sometime flirting with some girl. that's why Kat had gave him a Kat embroidered polo shirt, not to forget her, even though he wouldn't, even without a Kat polo shirt.