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2012/8/8-8/13 『長野剛×アールグラージュ』展の画像:ギャラリー同潤会 [表参道ヒルズ・同潤会青山アパート再生棟] ~ケヤキ並木をのぞむギャラリー~

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Beautiful painting by Zeng Hao! Green Tara - originally a Hindu goddess and later adopted by some forms of Buddhism. She is known as the mother of liberation, a protectress, an obstacle remover, and an earth mother.

onceuponathought:    by Paul Huessenstamm  *  *“Difficult, after a while, to love one’s own - its inconsistencies, the classic diminutions, the terror of having only one. But if bodies had epitaphs, I’d want mine to read: It rattled its cage. It wouldn’t be appeased.” - Stephen Dunn BodiesRiffs & Reciprocities* The idea of therapeutic relaxation,  which has become such a watchword in holistic medicine,  doesn’t tell the whole story.  It’s a little like p

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Kahlil Gibran

Your heart actually communicates to every other heart electromagnetically. All of our hearts are "talking" to one another right now in electromagnetic pulses. We are immersed in each other's expanding heart-bubbles. Imagine this, picture it, give energy t