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Springtime Science with Seeds

Blomexperiment (funkar med nejlikor)

Flower Experiment for Kids- a fun & magical way for kids to learn about flowers and how they thrive {A great experiment for Spring} Let the child ask questions about how flowers drink water and how they change color with different colored water!

I love this simple way of using brads and paper to teach kiddo how the earth rotates and orbits the sun, and how the moon does, too.

Earth & Space Sciences: This is what I'm looking for. Must teach how the Moon orbits Earth while Earth orbits the Sun. Tori's Teacher Tips: Another giveaway and solar system project!

Worksheets: Color the Life Cycle: Chicken

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheet

Explore life science with this informative chicken life cycle worksheet. Help your student color and learn the names of each stage of a chicken& life.

www.naturbokhandeln.se images 2.29091 plansch-17-svenska-trad.jpeg

www.naturbokhandeln.se images 2.29091 plansch-17-svenska-trad.jpeg

Make a food chain ribbon... Great idea

Here's an idea for creating a food chain on a ribbon. IArrows show flow of energy. Use with Apologia Zoology, Apologia Flying Creatures, Apologia Swimming Creatures, Apologia Land Animals for homeschool science