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Larry stylinson

They were also holding hands while in Africa filming OWOA. I saw a video of it recently, but I forget where>>>> yeah I saw a video of it too they were playing soccer and holding hands

God. I just. This annoys me. I do not hate Eleanor...but I mean...look. you can see Harry crying on the side!

I am not going to even start anything. Either way, people freak out. I am simply the messenger. I am holding back all of my opinions simply because people freak out.

louis is holding harry’s hand (around his shoulders) and then he sees the cameras and jams his hand into his pocket

and louis is holding harry’s hand (which is round his shoulders) and then he sees the cameras and jams his hand into his pocket 1 (gif)

''biggest larry proof''. Definitely my favorite piece of Larry proof. And, probably the most solid piece of evidence we have. Sure, we can't hear dialogue, but their body language and just the fact that Harry was CRYING shows me that Elounor is actually the biggest load of bullshit.

Harry was crying because Louis and Eleanor had to take a picture together an modest made Harry slip on sunglasses to make it look like he wasn't crying. When the picture was done Eleanor walked away with another man and Louis went over to harry.

Remember when harry always used to have an 'L' on his hand. I'm sobbing.

So I guess that means Louis? (They're just best friends, I would do that with my best friend any day.) (Just remember, I'm not a Larry shipper. But yeah, I support your decision too!) (but NARRY 4 LYF WOO!


*sniff,sniff* I smell Larry

Could be a coincidence, but seriously, this is all just so stupid. You are hurting El and Lou and making their lives hell. Louis can't even be standing next to his best friend without being accused of being gay. This is all wrong. Until you have reliable proof, like a statement from one the the boys or Modest! Managment keep your opinions to yourself.

This is annoying. For now I ship Elounor. No comments on your opinion and no hate bc I'm sick of it. >>>> "This is annoying" "No hate" wow ok. But Larry is still real lol