Don’t fake being okay. You only hurt yourself. Be real with what you’re going through, just don’t let it consume you.

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the one thing I hate hearing the most "it gets better" if I got better I'd already be better I mean it's been 3 years

Smiles can hide so many things so before you judge someone, for whatever reason, take a second and realize that you have no idea what could be going on behind that smile!!

Chapter Two: A New Year Begins

Depression: it's scary what a smile can hide.<<< Not just depression though, what about serial killers. It really is scary what a smile can hide.

The possibility of never speaking again is hard. But I have to have faith that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you were a lesson. Only time will tell.

it was a simple hello and then being best friends for 4 years and then we told each other we loved each other but life decided to take a big turn and make us have a very complicated goodbye. i guess we where better off being best friends

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I don't get any answer from you?" I elapse us reply, "oh no, I answered. My silence was the only response your actions/words warranted.

Deep life quotes about being sensitive and caring too much

30 Quotes You'll Only Understand If No One Understands You

I wish people would realize this instead of just rushing into things just because they are lonely or stuck in a rut in their own life

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I believe I was your favourite. He still reminds me everything we did. Exceptional one

Ill never forget you and I will stay single but not available until fate steps in when we r both fixed because I know our souls belong and this is killing me.


"A thing", what an understatement. Whether we communicate or not I will always have a thing for you. And if we can't communicate please keep me in your heart as I will keep you in mine .


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here's my dilemma. one half of me wants you and the other half wants to forget -Selena