Darth Vader Tries to Clean the Black Sea with Brita Filter by Daniel Bozhkov.

Get a Sense funny picture from Demotivational. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Demotivational. Here are some samples of funny words: sense

IF only they had google in the future.

Just stuff I find and like. You're bound to find tons of posts from fandoms with the occasional unrelated and/or serious post thrown in. Some things you'll see here (in no particular order): The Legend Of Zelda Skyrim Kitties.

Trip Out Man

Stormtrooper Storm Trooper Tripping on Mushrooms. Lego Storm Trooper Tripping on Shrooms

Who's mine?

Graffiti Art by Banksy, I Am Your Father, Star Wars spoof, Giclee Print on Canvas, various sizes

Take your daughter to work day.

Fanpop quiz: Does Princess Leia ever forgive her fallen and redeemed father Lord Vader? - See if you can answer this Star Wars trivia question!

Droid Nails <3

that pinky finger looks a little short for a storm trooper.

The Future Mr. Estrella.

The Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers step out! These engineers from California, take their love for Star Wars and experience with carbon fiber and combine the two.

Dream Bed.

A true geek bed has to be the Millennium Falcon Bed.Yes,Kyla Kromer has done it again.She has created a star wars fans dream bed-The Millennium Falcon Bed