merry christmas elsa beskow

Elsa Beskow was the illustrator that shaped my taste I think. The books my mother had loved as a child in Sweden were passed on to me and I poured over every detail and loved them too. --- I too Elsa Beskow.

November - Elsa Beskow

November - Elsa Beskow - I'm stuck with November being at the end of Autumn but also at the beginning of Winter!

Elsa Beskow

Reminds me of blackberry picking we did last Sunday, with the flowers, pink and purple berries all in clusters.

Elsa Beskow, the Flower’s Festival

Elsa Beskow 'Fairy of Midsummer', illustration from 'The Flower's Festival'

Elsa Beskow   Fast asleep  (1909)

pinkagony: “ Elsa Maartman Beskow Fast Asleep from Daumelischen by Hans Christian Andersen published in 1909 ”