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Highlander Battle - BattleTech by on @deviantART

First ever big robot painting. Illustrations from BattleTech - Operation Klondike Shown with permission. © The Topps Company, Inc. MechWarrior, BattleMech, ‘Mech and AeroTech

Battletech - Draconis Combine Sunder by on @DeviantArt

Here's a big piece that was commissioned by ~mr-balk. It's been fun do do more than single mech paintings, and I have more coming up. A Kuritan Sunder, 90 ton assault mech of the Ghost Regimen.

Catalyst Game Labs : Combat Manual: House Kurita Cover

Here's the cover I made for Battletech's Combat Manual Kurita a while ago. A Wolverine pilot of the Kuritan Sword of Light finishes off a Rasalhague. Battletech - Sword of Light


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