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Awesome Data Visualization

The tree of the Two Advents Joachim of Fiore, Liber figurarum, 1202 This remarkable figure presents the main characters and institutions of the Christian salvation history.

Adam Crowe, 50 Years of Space Exploration.

"Fifty years of exploration" -- a map / info-graphic of the paths taken by space missions throughout the solar system. Made by Samuel Velasco for National Geographic (Who commissioned the best infographics before infographics became trendy, of course).

060-EA-009 made for CFR (Romanian Railways) 1966 by N Stjerna, via Flickr

made for CFR (Romanian Railways) 1966

soviet space program propaganda 9 by robin_the_robber, via Flickr

The twentieth century Soviet space program will always be remembered as one of the greatest in the world. And these posters reveal that it also came with one of the world's most beautifully-designed propaganda campaigns, too.