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Personalised Gingerbread House Hanging Decoration / Gingerbread House Christmas Ornament

Cookie size is 6 cm. Can be personalised with any name:)What a lovely little ornament, you can use it h

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Cookies + a Giveaway! @FoodBlogs

Old-Fashioned Gingerbread Cookies + a Giveaway! - The Kitchen McCabe (Favorite Cake Desserts)

Sweet Gula: Dezembro 2014

Gingerbread Cinnamon Cookie Tree from sweet-gula. You could make these cookies out of paper mache or polyclay, and your tree will last decades.

22046819_489852461395011_2215483265406874482_n.jpg 720×960 pixels

22046819_489852461395011_2215483265406874482_n.jpg 720×960 pixels

Decorating your gingerbread tree with green icing... Kakgran med grön glasyr för den som gillar mycket färg...

Hűha :O! Ezt én is megcsinálnám :D

perníková chaloupka maličká - No walls to assemble!

What a beautiful gingerbread cookie candle holder!

Make these cookie trees out of gingerbread or sugar cookies.

pepparkaka bak julbak inspiration tips ide pyssel jul baka dekorera

I love love love baking gingerbread, I have a whole day dedicated to it. I use a paleo ginger bread base if i will eat them though.

Hej! Ska du baka pepparkakor i helgen? Vi närmar oss första advent och då vill jag tipsa om hur du kan dekorera dina pepparkakor. Idag har jag fått upp mina julstjärnor i fönstret och barnens farmor h

Turn delicately spiced, iced biscuits into an edible Christmas decoration - a gorgeous gift to give to someone special over the festive season