Nina lundqvist

Nina lundqvist

Nina lundqvist
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And the blood remembers what the heart has never learned.

Reminds me of the Ironteeth Witches

Coming home covered in blood from head to toe, still hungry. The Dark Queen turns to him with a devilish look, he knew what she was craving now. The Queen needed something more satisfying only he could give her

[Katya Vasile]

This reminds me of young Princess Liesbeth of the House of Sempesh. The Sanguinex have been cursed for 500 winters, to eternally thirst for blood, which they claim from their Faerie serfs. Sanguinex also possess golden eyes, which can hypnotise.

zolaida: “ Something quick for Halloween! Kyuhuhu. ”

Vampire art by zolaida

Loving the nails

Remindes me of the iron teeth wiches

WhaT I GaVE yOu....AnD YOu ToSsED It IN ThE TRasH...Now I want it give to a MAn THaT DeSErvEd iT

" Sky cried somehow still holding the bloody heart.

Imagine this in space. Have I seen fog/water vapor/particulates inside a space station?

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"I bleed tears, clear liquid seeping from the gashes and cry blood, red rivulets carving their way down my face. I mar the world with my red tears.

Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten meets a copper.

Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten meets a copper.

Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols

johnny rotten ex chanteur des sex pistols