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There are things that are unexplained, some call them Paranormal. They are unexplained for now, but maybe one day somebody will find an explanation.
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GUADELOUPE WOMAN - The ‘Guadeloupe Woman’ is a well-authenticated discovery which has been in the British Museum for over half a century. In 1812, on the coast of the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a fully human skeleton was found, complete in every respect except for the feet and head. It belonged to a woman about 5 foot 2 inches tall.
GUADELOUPE WOMAN - What makes it of great significance is the fact that this skeleton was found inside extremely hard, very old limestone, which was part of a formation more than a mile [1.609 km] in length! Modern geological dating places this formation at 28 million years old—which is 25 million years before modern man is supposed to have first appeared on earth!

Guadeloupe Woman

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MYSTERY OF THE MEN IN LEAD MASKS - Their bodies were found three days later. What’s most puzzling is what they were found with at the scene. Police investigators found them in their suits and raincoats, wearing lead eye masks with no holes (the types used to protect against radiation), two towels and notebook on the ground near the bodies.
MYSTERY OF THE MEN IN LEAD MASKS - The cause of death was undetermined—the case for suicide or murder is still out on these two.  Cruz and Viana set off on a trip to buy electronic work supplies and a new car. They were reported to have left with the money for a car and stopped by at a general store to buy a bottle of water and a raincoat on the way. The man who served them told the police that the pair looked nervous and were in a hurry, checking their watches every minute or so.
MYSTERY OF THE MEN IN LEAD MASKS - There remains a case unsolved from the 60s that reads almost like a real life version of JJ Abram’s pseudo-science series Fringe. It begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Two young men, Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana (both electronic technicians) were found lying dead together in the middle of a forest, their corpses dressed in their smartest suits with lead masks covering their faces.

Mystery of the Men in Lead Masks

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ANCIENT SPACECRAFT - Zecharia Sitchin one of the leading writers and investigators of the Astro Archaeology movement has traveled the world many times over in search of out-of-place-artifacts. He discovered that the Istanbul Museum of Archaeology had been holding a stone carved relic that so closely detailed a modern space capsule that they refused to display it.
ANCIENT SPACECRAFT - The curators assumed that it had to be a hoax. The amazing vehicle displays many features of a modern day capsule, rocket exhaust nozzles in the back, and a cockpit with pilot seated and wearing a pleated flight suit with his hands at the controls. After meeting with the museum curators and studying the carving Zecharia Sitchin determined the artifact was consistent with many others that he had seen from ancient times and suggested that the museum display the artifact.

Ancient Spacecraft

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THE MYSTERY OF SAINT GERMAIN -  I saw him when the queen [Antoinette] was murdered, on the 18th of Brumaire, on the day following the death of the Duke d’Enghien, in January, 1815, and on the eve of the murder of the Duke de Berry.” The last time she saw him was in 1820 – and each time he looked to be a man no older than his mid-40s.
THE MYSTERY OF SAINT GERMAIN - After the taking of the Bastille in the French Revolution in 1789, the Comtesse d’Adhémar said she had a lengthy conversation with Count de Saint-Germain. He allegedly told her of France’s immediate future, as if he knew what was to come. In 1821, she wrote: “I have seen Saint-Germain again, each time to my amazement.
THE MYSTERY OF SAINT GERMAIN - Officially Saint Germain died in 1784, but of course dying equals having a bad day, when your called the “immortal count”. He would continue to be seen throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century!  In 1785 he was seen in Germany with Anton Mesmer, the pioneer hypnotist. (Some claim that it was Saint-Germain who gave Mesmer the basic ideas for hypnotism and personal magnetism.)

Mystery of Saint Germain

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ANCIENTS IN AMERICA - In 1980, P.M. Leonard and J.L. Glenn, from the Hogle Zoological Gardens, Salt Lake City, visited a rock outcropping in Colorado that was reputed to be inscribed with “peculiar markings.” Leonard and Glenn believe they are excellent examples of Consainne Ogam writing – a type ascribed to ancient Celts.
ANCIENTS IN AMERICA - The Kensington Runestone, discovered in Kensington, Minnesota in 1898 contains an inscription describing an expedition of Norsemen into the interior of what is now North America. It’s estimated that this expedition took place in the 1300s.
ANCIENTS IN AMERICA - We embarked from Ezion-Geber into the Red Sea and voyaged with ten ships. We were at sea together for two years around the land belonging to Ham [Africa] but were separated by a storm [literally ‘from the hand of Baal’], and we were no longer with our companions. So we have come here, twelve men and three women, on a… shore which I, the Admiral, control. But auspiciously may the gods and goddesses favor us!”

Ancients in America

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The Lost Cosmonauts Conspiracy - A few days later, they picked up another garbled transmission that sounded a whole lot like a scream of terror, followed by empty silence. Two later recordings were also made, including one of three sobbing people saying “Conditions growing worse, why don’t you answer? . . .
The Lost Cosmonauts Conspiracy - Worryingly, there may even be some evidence to this. In February 1961—two months before Yuri’s flight—a listening station in Italy apparently recorded two Russian voices broadcasting the words “everything is satisfactory, we are orbiting the Earth” from space.
The Lost Cosmonauts Conspiracy - So when a Czech agent leaked information about a failed Russian spaceflight in December 1959, no one knew what to make of it. According to the story, Yuri Gagarin’s successful 1961 trip into orbit was only one in a long line of Soviet space attempts—and merely the first one that didn’t end in the pilot’s gruesome death.

The Lost Cosmonauts Conspiracy

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Unexplained UVB-76 broadcast - The phone calls mentioned the “brigade operative officer on duty”, the communication nodes “Debut”, “Nadezhda” (Russian for “hope”, both a noun and a female name), “Sudak” (a kind of river fish and also a town in Crimea) and “Vulkan”.
Unexplained UVB-76 broadcast - On November 11, 2010, intermittent phone conversations were accidentally transmitted and were recorded by a listener (at 1400 UTC) for a period of approximately 30 minutes. These conversations are available online, and seem to be in Russian, but have not yet been publicly translated
Unexplained UVB-76 broadcast - At 2225 UTC on September 1, 2010, the buzzer was interrupted by a 38-second fragment of “Dance of the Little Swans” from Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. Four days later on September 5 at 1230 UTC, a female voice was heard counting from one to nine in Russian; just over an hour later, at 1339 UTC, the buzzing silenced for a quiet male voice to read a voice message.

Unexplained UVB-76 Broadcast

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The London Hammer - A team of archaeologists checked it, and as it turns out, the rock encasing the hammer was dated back more than 400 million year; the hammer itself turned out to be more than 500 million years old. Additionally, a section of the handle has begun the transformation to coal. Creationists, of course, were all over this.
The London Hammer - The London Hammer is a name given to a hammer made of iron and wood that was found in London, Texas in 1936.  In June 1936 (or 1934 according to some accounts), Max Hahn and his wife Emma were on a walk when they noticed a rock with wood protruding from its core. They decided to take the oddity home and later cracked it open with a hammer and a chisel. Ironically, what they found within seemed to be an archaic hammer of sorts.
The London Hammer - The hammer’s head, made of more than 96% iron, is far more pure than anything nature could have achieved without an assist from modern technology

The London Hammer

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Secret Moon Base Conspiracy - Even Armstrong himself is reported to have been silenced on the matter, though naturally he has always publicly denied this.
Secret Moon Base Conspiracy - And there is further evidence of Apollo 11’s alien encounter.  According to several sources, colour movie footage of the alien craft was shot by Armstrong’s companion, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. These same sources claim the CIA took charge of the footage on Apollo 11’s return to earth.
Secret Moon Base Conspiracy - Though NASA has always denied the authenticity of the transmission, former NASA technician, Maurice Chatelain, revealed otherwise.  ‘The encounter was common knowledge in NASA,’ he said in 1979. ‘But nobody has talked about it until now.’  Chatelain also confirmed radio communications were interrupted several times during the Apollo 11 mission ‘in order to keep the truth from the public’.

Secret Moon Base Conspiracy

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Alien Satellite, black knight orbiting earth - Sputnik one and two orbited West to East using Earth’s natural rotation to maintain orbit.  According to research the first Polar orbiting satellite was launched in 1960. Polar orbits are often used for earth-mapping, earth observation, capturing the earth as time passes from one point and reconnaissance satellites.
Alien Satellite, black knight orbiting earth - In 1957, Dr. Luis Corralos of the Communications Ministry in Venezuela photographed it while taking pictures of Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas. The strange thing was that unlike the Sputnik one and two, The Black Knight Satellite orbited Earth from East to West.
Alien Satellite, black knight orbiting earth - According to them it has been getting reports of the object transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now! find press release here  Since the 1930?s Astronomers worldwide have also been reporting these strange radio signals which allegedly come from the object.

Alien Satellite

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Was Father Krespi Hitler? - He could not get people to listen to his claims that this priest was in fact Hitler. He examined thousands of Hitler photos, and was more and more concerned he has found Hitler. He even described priceless artwork that Father Krespi had in his secluded home in the mountains of Ecuador. But nobody would listen to his claims.
Was Father Krespi Hitler? - In 1981, a retired US Army Colonel named Wendell Stephens made a trip to Ecuador. During his trip, he met a priest in a small town called Cuenca. The priest was named Father Krespi, and Col. Stephens was convinced he was in fact Adolph Hitler.
Was Father Krespi Hitler? - She was later captured by the Russian Army and made to make a drawing of Hitler’s teeth so the Russians could match the charred remains they found in the Berlin bunker with her drawing since no authentic dental records could be found.

Was Father Krespi Hitler?

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Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island - Given the remoteness of Bouvet Island and its inhospitiable landscape, the identity of the boat and its potential crew has gone mostly unexplored for a half-century. Most likely, it will remain that way — one of history’s true unsolved mysteries.
Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island - The boat lacked any identifying markings and, although there was some evidence that people were on the boat, no human remains were found.  The open questions are numerous. Why was a boat anywhere near the area — quite literally, in the middle of nowhere?
Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island - They determined that the terraform did not suit their needs. Also, they found that island had grown, likely due to a volcanic eruption, but the weather conditions did not warrant formal study of the new land mass.

Mystery of the boat in the middle of Bouvet Island

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The mystery of the Babushka Lady - Interestingly, a Dallas film developer later told FBI agents that he had developed a single color slide brought in by an unknown woman. The slide was somewhat blurry, but from the developer’s description, it matched up as being taken from the spot the Babushka Lady was standing — or very close to it.
The mystery of the Babushka Lady - The investigating officials were intrigued, the woman was so close to the shooting, and the photographic evidence shows that instead of running away after the shots were fired, as many people did, the Babushka Lady continued filming the procession.
The mystery of the Babushka Lady - The mystery of the Babushka Lady - Over her hair she is wearing a scarf of a tan or light brown color — the headscarf earned her the nickname of the “Babushka Lady,” a reference to a similar Russian scarf.  While she appears in several photos, probably the best and closest image of the woman is from a movie taken by Marie Muchmore, a spectator of the motorcade. Unfortunately, the mystery woman has her back to Muchmore, obscuring a clear identification

The mystery of the Babushka Lady

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Time Travelers - Here is photo of what looks like an astronaut on a pillar at Salamanca Cathedral Church, which was started in the 1600’s and finished in the 1800’s. Wow, it looks like an astronaut to me. If it isn’t an astronaut, what could it be that they carved into this pillar? What else might it represent?
Time Travelers - A Time Travelling hipster! This is the famous photograph that started the new craze for looking for time travelers in old photographs. This hipster’s got totally cool wraparound glasses, is wearing a faded old silkscreened t-shirt of the sort not made until the 1970s (when Forrest Gump popularized them), has a pocket-size digital camera around his neck, and a modern haircut.
Time Travelers - When: 1905 Who: a punk rocker. This guy was clearly a total amateur. He doesn’t look anything like anyone else in the photo! He’s got the Mohawk haircut (and whoever heard of Mohawks on white guys before 1970?), plus he’s wearing a white short sleeved shirt and everyone else is in long sleeves and jackets and hats.

Time Travelers

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Atlantis - They benefited from winter rains. Their shields were small. The land was divided into ten kingdoms each with its own city. No King was to ever make war on another Atlantean King. This rule lasted for a great time but in the end the Kings became victim to mortal desires and sins
Atlantis - The lost city of Atlantis made use of private and public baths and then saved the water for use on their fields. The later docks had Triremes and many naval supplies. The Island had cliffs on most sides but was otherwise a plateau with a small mountain at its centre and mountains to the North. The North of the Island had high and beautiful mountains. The plain featured a circular ditch (canyon) of such size (a 100 ft in depth) that it could not have been manmade.
Atlantis - Poseidon’s first child (born on Atlantis) was named Atlas and the ocean around the Island was named Atlantic. From beyond the Pillars of Hercules the lost city of Atlantis controlled islands and lands as far as Egypt. They had extensive trade with other countries. Orichalcum (an unknown red coloured metal or alloy possible a mixture of copper and gold) was common on the Island. The Island was well forested. There were a great number of elephants on the Island.


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The Hinterkaifeck Mystery - Also, someone had been feeding the farm’s cattle. So, if someone had done this, it also seemed as if they had stayed for several days after the murders to take care of the place.
The Hinterkaifeck Mystery - A terrifying theory concerning the murders, is that someone may have sneaked into the house, lived undiscovered up in the attic for a few days, and then come out to murder the house’s occupants.  To further add to this theory, in the days that the bodies were certainly lying dead in the barn, neighbors reported that they had seen smoke rising from the chimneys.
The Hinterkaifeck Mystery - The killer then went into the house and killed Josef and Maria in their beds.  The family was noticed as missing several days later when none of them had been seen for a few days, and young Cäzilia had not attended school.  Neighbors went to check on them and discovered the bodies.

The Hinterkaifeck Mystery

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The strange mystery of the Sarah Joe - And if they didn’t bury him, then who did? To make things even weirder, this island had apparently already been searched a couple years beforehand and no one found the pieces of the Sarah Joe or the grave at that time.
The strange mystery of the Sarah Joe - An unmarked shallow grave was also found on the island where the remains of Scott Moorman were buried under a pile of rocks.  However, no trace of the other four men was found, so if they were the ones who buried him, what happened to them afterward?
The strange mystery of the Sarah Joe - On February 19, 1979, five men from the Hawaiian island of Maui – Benjamin Kalama, Ralph Malaiakini, Scott Moorman, Patrick Woesner, and Peter Hanchett—went on a fishing trip on a vessel called the “Sarah Joe”.

The strange mystery of the Sarah Joe

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The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam - Shortly after the discovery of Elisa Lam’s body, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis occurred in Skid Row, near Cecil Hotel. You probably won’t believe the name of the test kit used in these kinds of situations: LAM-ELISA. That is hardcore synchronicity.
The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam - The door to the roof was locked and alarmed, raising questions about how she could get on the roof in the first place. Additionally, you needed a ladder and a strong arm to climb the tank and get inside. There was no ladder on the scene, and Elisa was 5.5ft and weighed only 121 lbs.
The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam - The body of Elisa Lam had been decomposing in the water tower for 19 days. She was found naked, with her belongings floating beside her and covered in a ‘sand-like substance.’ There was no suicide note.

The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Lev Ivanov was one of the police officials who led the case. Ivanov had previously published an article in 1990 where he wrote about receiving reports of strange spherical shapes in the sky during the time of the incident, and possible evidence of aliens.
The Dyatlov Pass Incident - A journalist by the name of Yuri Yarovoi published a fictionalized account inspired by the mysterious events of the Dyatlov Pass Incident.  The book, published in 1967, is called Of the Highest Rank of Complexity.
The Dyatlov Pass Incident - Their bodies showed no visible signs of wounds, yet one of the women was missing her tongue, and autopsies revealed that Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle endured fatal skull damage, and the bodies of Alexander Zolotarev, and Lyudmila Dubinina had been fatally struck with a force that can only be compared to a car crash.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

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The strange case of Rudolph Fentz - Business cards with the name Rudolph Fentz and an address on Fifth Avenue A letter sent to this address, in June 1876 from Philadelphia None of these objects showed any signs of aging.
The strange case of Rudolph Fentz - In 1950, a man with mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.  The officials at the morgue searched his body and found the following items in his pockets:
The strange case of Rudolph Fentz - A copper token for a beer worth 5 cents, bearing the name of a saloon, which was unknown, even to older residents of the area A bill for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage, drawn by a livery stable on Lexington Avenue that was not listed in any address book About 70 dollars in old banknotes

The strange case of Rudolph Fentz

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The strange mystery of the man from Taured - The police established that he could not have escaped out of the window – the room was several floors up, and there was no balcony. ?
The strange mystery of the man from Taured - The hotel he claimed to have a reservation for had never heard of him either.  The company officials in Tokyo he was there to do business with? Yup, you’ve guessed it – they just shook their heads too.  Later, when the hotel room he was held in was opened, the man had disappeared.
THE MAN FROM TAURED - According to him it should have been, for it had existed for more than 1,000 years!  Customs officials found him in possession of money from several different European currencies.  His passport had been stamped by many airports around the globe, including previous visits to Tokyo.

The strange mystery of the man from Taured

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