a color pallette to keep in mind for the master bed. Also cute lamps and planter.

SÄNGBORD (sanna tranlöv)

Sugen på att måla om hemma? Få kulörer kan skapa en så behaglig inramning åt ett rum som grönt. Dessutom passar färgen perfekt i hemmets alla utrymmen, kolla bara in dessa inspirationsbilder!

6 bevis på att grönt passar perfekt i hemmets alla rum

If you love vintage bohemian spaces than the home of Kristin Lagerqvist (better known as Krickelin) is right up your alley.

DIY: Plant hanger - Metro Mode

Easy plant hanger DIY You'll need a ring of some sort and four strands of rope twice the length as you want your plant hanger to become. Fold the ropes on the middle and apply to the ring as the picture's showing. Gather the rope in four pairs. Tie a knot