Coastal Home by Huset I Lunden.

Green door on an all white house. Coastal Home ~ Photography by Huset I Lunden ~ So prestine, so cute. Remember the song, 'Behind the Green Door'.

"Kalmar, Sweden small old barn red houses along a cobbled streed I want to visit this town. This is where my cousins Suzanne, Rune, Elin and Edvin live!" -- hm, one of my cousins lives near there too.

Kalmar sweden

There are six outbuildings scattered on acres. Right now they are olive green. Come Spring/Summer they will Red and White with Barn Quilts. Looking for Scandinavian inspiration!

"Alla ѵί ɓaгn ί Bulleгɓyn", a cɦίldren ɓooƙ ɓy Astгίd Lίndgгen

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