I don't know where I'm going but that's never stopped me before!

adamjk: “ visited and drew a little diary entry on the wall of la la la idk what I’m doing in life la la la ”

The Museum of Ice Cream

// When he makes the mistake of saying you can get whatever fits in the car(

p i n t e r e s t // katherinepetosa

Are we speaking Italian now like we spoke Spanish on the sign going down the stairs.

LADY OF THE CANYON Photography by Jason Lee Parry Starring Louise Mikkelsen Styled by Chloe Chippendale Beauty by Debbie Gallagher & Melinda Dean Hair by Nelli Christine & Melinda Dean http://stonedimmaculateclothing.com/

Louise Mikkelsen in ‘Lady of the Canyon' by Jason Lee Parry for Stones Immaculate Vintage, stylist Chloe Chippendale, makeup Debbie Gallagher & Melinda Dean, hair Nelli Christine & Melinda Dean




à coeur 🌹 heart mirror ambiance veloutée rose pink fur velvet

RedLipstick Resurrected

Ana Yael aka Ana Yael Zareceansky (Argentinian, b. Argentina, based Barcelona, Spain) - From If Somewhere Someone collection, 2015