Supercool house with interior/exterior pool all in one! Note the usage of glass panels giving the house av very open look'n'feel.

Clever indoor/outdoor pool (House in La Planicie, Peru by Doblado Arquitectos)

Wabi Sabi treads

Rail-free stairs are unnerving for a first-time visitor, but they amplify the home's free-flowing sense of space and structure. The stairs were built inside one of the six concrete towers, and they lead from the central living space to the front door.

This luxury lake house designed by the architects at Bercy Chen Studio sits on a peninsula fronting Lake Austin.

650 Apartments - A project by OFIS architects

The project won an invitation competition for developing four apartment blocks from 125 to 140 metres in length. The client chose our proposal for economic r.


Amir Schlezinger has lately launched his creative design of modern decoration for terrace and garden. The design consists of a fireplace, a dining table with chairs, a waterfall and two lounge chairs in a simple contemporary style and warm colors .

Garden design from

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