White Christmas. Nantucket, U.S

Nantucket, Massachusetts, U.S - The English side of my family first went to Plymouth, Salem and Nantucket when they came to the Americas. I love Nantucket so much!

Bratte bakka og grøne lier: Problematisk fuglematar

redbirdinthehemlock: “ (via Bratte bakka og grøne lier: Problematisk fuglematar)…

To keep the bullying blue jays and red winged black birds away! Mixed Seed Globe Cage Feeder

Mixed Seed Globe Cage Feeder/ Put Black-oil Sunflower seeds in tube, attracts Goldfinch and other beautiful songbirds. This feeder allows your songbirds to enjoy while preventing Squirrels and larger birds such as Starlings from eating.

Making a bird feeder of oranges (instructions in Finnish)

Gardening Autumn - Cadeau dhiver … Plus - With the arrival of rains and falling temperatures autumn is a perfect opportunity to make new plantations

// couch on a porch

Un peu de Maroc en Suède (PLANETE DECO a homes world)

birdbath / front walkway

10 Winter Garden Delights

Gusty winter winds and swirling snow stop gardening efforts, but the landscape continues to unfurl a marvelous scene outside windows during the coldest months. Take cues from these inspiring garden ideas and add beauty to your winter landscape.

Beautiful bird feeder for winters!

Importance of Feeding the Birds in Winter

Dinner under a Chandelier by Joani C. use as template for umbrella chandelier