Grønne fingrer!

Grønne fingrer! (Interiør Blogg - Villa Paprika)

White Peonies | gorgeous garden!

White Peonies - I rescued your peony from deep shade and moved it to the circle garden bed in the back yard. It would really like more sun than that yet, so a move to the boulevard in the next year or two would do it well.

Rosa polyantha ’The Fairy’ (Bentall, 1932)

'The Fairy' Rose in the Hill Garden, perfect cottage garden ~~ These are easy to grow and are delightful tiny roses.---if happy in its space and left to spread, this becomes a lovely ground cover. also available in a lovely white variety.

BIKAS TRÄDGÅRD: Underbara sommar....

I like use of rocks gravel to slow water down as it moves through landscape on slight slope. Flat stone with depression in foreground a perfect spot for bees & butterflies to get water (without drowning in a deeper birdbath)

Om helgen som varit

Om helgen som varit (Krickelin)

Maybe we should do almost like a greenhouse type area for the back patio, as it leads to the back extension?

Fire år før kravene blev mødt

A wrap-around terrace adds extra space, and blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor

Klematis med skuggande funkia vid fötterna. Snyggt...

This is why I need a taller trellis. I also like the garden sink in the background.