Handy Scoopers™

scoop scissors (bought individually at Dominie)

Gator Grabber Tweezers™

Look at this Gator Grabber Tweezers™


8 Ounces, About Jelly BeadZ Water Bead Gel, For Stress Balls, Summer Rainbow Mix

Byggklossar med spegelsidor.

Byggklossar med spegelsidor.

Squeezy Tweezers™

Squeeze tongs for adding fine motor practice to busy bags and sensory bins

Helping Hands paket

Some of my happiest moments as the parent of a child with sensory needs have been finding toys that are just the right fit for them.

Tuff tray

Tuff tray

Sandformer - versaler

Educational & Science Toys For Kids - Childrens Toys

Sandformer - Gemener

Lowercase Alphabet Molds - Alphabet Awareness - Early Skill Development - Shop by Category - Parents - Learning Resources®

Twisty Droppers™

Fine Motor Twisty Droppers set of 4 - The Creative Toy Shop