Circle printing! Plus 2D Shapes activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Shape mats (legos, geoboards, etc), play dough mats, posters, sorting mats, worksheets, & MORE.

2D Shapes activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten

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Cut 2 paper plates into 3 triangular pieces and paint green. Paint a paper towel roll brown. Cut slits in it about of the way up on one end. Spread and tape to another paper plate. Glue tree pieces together and decorate with button,gems,sequins or pape

Make these fun and spooky spiders out of cardboard tubes.It's a fun and easy kids Halloween craft.

Cardboard Tube Spiders for Halloween

Grab some cardboard tubes from the recycle bin and a few craft supplies to make this fun Halloween craft for kids: Cardboard Tube Spiders for Halloween.

Krokodil wasknijper

clothes pin crocodiles Could be used for the party people are trying to put on croc pins on each other without the other knowing.

#mulpix Ett gäng nyckelringar klara :-) #nyckelring #diy #pärlor #träpärlor #pyssel

#mulpix Ett gäng nyckelringar klara :-) #nyckelring #diy #pärlor #träpärlor #pyssel