Ridiculous $120 coma pillow. Seriously, I'd be in bed forever if I owned one.  // I'd never get this myself, but if someone wanted to buy it for me... well, it's rude to say no to a gift. ;)

The Total Body Support Pillow - Hammacher Schlemmer. Kick my husband out of bed - I want this!

I want to make a million of these!!

Tennis Ball as a key Holder. A genius idea to DIY a functional, funny and adorable key holder with a tennis ball. See the tutorial

Best Way to Stop Bleeding | Modern Self Protection

“ It’s the EMT in me… This diagram could save someone’s life!there’s nothing about stopping the gushing from my lady parts! Now THAT would save someone’s life!

Clean Eating Fudge - This fudge recipe is proof that delicious doesnt have to be unhealthy      2-1/2 cups Chocolate Chips, I used dark chocolate chips because of their health benefits.  1/2 cup coconut milk, (canned, not in a carton) Keep in mind the fats from coconut milk are the good kind.  1/4 cup raw mild honey  Dash of sea salt  1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Slow Cooker Fudge We all want to have our chocolate and eat it too! This fudge recipe is proof that delicious doesnt have to be unhealthy. Our recipe for Slow Cooker Fudge is made with superfoods like, dark chocolate and coconut milk.


ORCAS The Finnish ppl call 'em WHALE KILLERS ('cause they kill Whales - they eat 'em alive!) "Killer Whale" is a mistranslation - the sentence structure is diff. Although related to Whales they're more similar to Dolphins!

so legit. for anatomy nerds

I Waste So Much Time

A poster of the human body and which bones are located in which places. This is a great visual for students to reference if learning about bones in the body!

Pick something new to learn this year from Granny Miller’s list of 101 basic homesteading skills.

101 Basic Homesteading Skills - The Happy Homsteader

Granny Miller - Agrarian Life & Skills - 101 basic homesteading skills and tons more info

joybobo: Wine Cork Pendants

DIY wine cork pendants, Make your own Jewelry from recycled corks , great teen craft idea,

The Sling Shot Man

Carolina Camera: The Sling Shot Man (+playlist)