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Carl Bergström

Carl Bergström
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I tried multiple times; I'm always told, "We have all the volunteers and food donations we need; can you send money instead?"

there are so many ways to donate food: directly, by stepping in to serve the food in a soup kitchen. Check in your area for children being sponsored for Christmas by your Police and Fire Stations. There are so many ways to lean in and give.

made a Heart shaped birthday cake for my grandpas 70th birthday. it was a heart because his birthday id on valentines day.

Many chains offer patrons free stuff on their birthdays. Sometimes it's just as easy as signing up for an e-mail list. Take a look at these birthday freebies. This list is current as of Feb.

Study abroad doesn't count. I want to live in another country as an adult with a job and all that jazz.

This remarkable image is actually a composite of hundreds of images created using satellite data collected at night. The Earth Observatory article Bright Lights, Big City describes how NASA scientists use city light data to map urbanization.