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"I definitely want a nook. A nook with a door. Nook, I like the idea of this in a playroom. Seems like it could be pretty versatile as you, your family, and style change

Hej och tack för en superbra blogg! Såå inspirerande! Mina barn har varsitt rum med snedtak och det blir svårmöblerat där. Har du tips på hur man möblerar rum med snedtak så vore jag jättetacksam! ...

Möblera barnrum med snedtak - inspiration

Many people dream of having a secret room in their house. It is a great way to keep your kids entertained, and they love the mystery of a secret room. Here we collected some creative secret room ideas for your inspiration.

compact living

cool under the bed storage trundle with drawer underneath and play area on top- would want this for legos! I need my train table put on wheels. with a drawer! Love this idea.

Built in beds

A snug sleeping nook from a modern farmhouse in Garden and Gun. I 'm not big on the gun part but I looooove this little nook.

En gammal beprövad idé från förr. Något husarkitekter kunde använda sig mer av även i nyproducerade hus. Förvaring, sovplats eller lekplats

Swedish summer cottage with darling bed nook, painted a soft deep blue for perfect dreams. I may have been Swedish in a past life, I love this little Swedish cottage so much.

barnrum jul

mommo design: sleeping nook love the white doll bed and rocking horse and table and chairs

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© Peters Projekt: maj 2009

© Peters Projekt: maj 2009