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Citrus Rum Grilled Chicken Recipe Ingredients: Chicken, your favorite pieces or parts. I used boneless breasts and thighs. Oranges, 2 or 3 Orange Juice, 2 cups or so Dark Rum, cup Soy Sa…

Kromka Polish Bakery packaging branding on Behance by Sebastian Bednark curated by Packaging Diva PD. Let's eat : )

Kromka Polish Bakery is a Polish-style bakery founded in 2014 to bring the authentic taste of Polish home baking to London.One of the key factors in Kromka Polish Bakery's success has been its ethos that cakes taste best when they’ve been freshly baked u…


Design of bottle and graphic for pediatric range. child’s range has been designed in line with the Babé full range of products, using illustrations made specially for this design, and with the double objective of identifyi…