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Aogashima, 145 NM south of mainland Japan.

Aogashima Island, Japan - 青ヶ島 日本 while located in the Philippine Sea, is a volcanic Japanese island. The name Aogashima literally means 'blue island' and is technically part of Tokyo despite being located over 200 miles from central Tokyo.

Helgumannen, Fårö, Sweden

Helgumannen, Fårö, Sweden

Icebergs Saltwater pool - Bondi beach

The Bondi Icebergs Club situated at the southern end of Bondi Beach began in 1929 when a group of lifesavers wished to maintain their fitness over the winter months. The Icebergs are the only licensed Winter Swimming Club in the world.

Saltwater Pool - Icebergs Bondi beach

In the the Bondi beach lifesavers built a pool so they could stay fit but not drown in the cold winters seas. Eighty years on it's the place where the cool people hang out and stay fit. I love the way you just can't keep the Pacific out.

Hang Nga guesthouse - by Dang Viet Nga

Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga wanted to create a house like no other on earth, and she did it. The Hang Nga Guest House in Da Lat, Vietnam, is more often called the Crazy House.