I like the idea but what is the mom's name in Inside Out...? (went to look it up) The mother's name is Jill. So much for that idea.

The noses are completely different and the names (jill and margo) <-- noses change over time. What if Margo was her middle name and she went by that for a while then went back to Jill?

What an amazing point. I absolutely loved this movie before and I love it even more now.

She doesn't have to steal his spotlight, they can just work together and be friends. I don't think either story is more tragic, but I do find it highly annoying when people say that Frozen doesn't go with the big four. I like the big six better.

I ship jelsa, but the only fanfic I read is the big four. I don't like the big six because it kills my fanfic and the main reason that people even ship jelsa is because their powers.

OMG love this theory

So you like to be mindf**ked?

How Elsa Got Her Powers. If that theory is true, then Jack Frost would be Elsa`s uncle and therefore shouldn`t be shipped.


it was the white witch in Narnia, not the snow queen, she only became a "queen" but taking the authority from Aslan. There was NO snow queen in Narnia, it was the white witch.

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But Tumblr user petitetiaras has an interesting fan theory that links them. | You Totally Missed This Connection Between "Hercules" And "The Little Mermaid"

But Tumblr user

Ariel and Hercules are cousins. Lol I forgot that Ariel was daugher of triton. But triton is Poseidon's son soooooo. It's just they aren't really cousins.

IS THIS FOR REAL <--- Knowing Disney, yes. It is very much real.

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