Helpful word chart thingamabob<<< It's an emotion chart silly. It's gives different words for different emotions.

Write the book you want to read

I've always heard "write the book you want to read," but never explained so well. I need to go write right now.

Sooo...scary thing is the third to last sounds like my OC Rafe, (who is supposed to be a hero)

scary thing is the third to last sounds like my OC Rafe, (who is supposed to be a hero) < villain motivation


The Grand Canyon.

writing prompt - When someone’s heart breaks so does a piece of our world; this creates fissures, valleys, and even cracks in the pavement. Tell the story behind the Grand Canyon.

I love it all but the second half kind of makes the not-clicheness of the first half pointless

Law Of Attraction

I did not pin this story when it was just the top part, but with the second post about overcoming fear, I absolutely fell in love with it!<< Bruh I fucking love this story idea someone needs to write this

85 Fantasy And Sci-fi Baby Names

85 Fantasy And Sci-Fi Baby Names For Boys And Girls

85 Fantasy And Sci-fi : Looking for a sci-fi themed baby names? MomJunction has compiled a list of 85 popular sci-fi and fantasy names for girls and boys with meanings.

Tips for writing bilingual dialogue

I needed this. Because I'm not bilingual and didn't know

Omg that person shouldn't write bilingual characters if they aren't one. "Switching back".

I want to write a story now

I want to write a story now <<< and then they meet a super clumsy vampire hunter that keeps trying to kill them. Though, he keeps slipping up