Just pin it. It's not any special potato but, poor of it ;-;

It's not any special potato but, poor of it ;<<< This is a very emo potato


Tell me why I'm just now realizing that's Orlando Bloom? Maybe just cuz I've never watched LOTR.

'oh sam..' :') i love how you can tell what he's saying, just by his face.

Frodo is my favorite hobbit. He has incredible eyes and such a bright smile. Elijah wood was really only a boy when he played Frodo. I mean, 19 years old, that gifted and that gorgeous? Some people get it all. # lord of the rings

Not every form of attraction or attachment is love

Do you like him like the hobbits like food? Then it's love. I love food like hobbits do.

Not only his smile, but color comes back to his face after being pale since the quest. You can sense a real burden being lifted "completely" away at last.

I love that this is his first "real" smile since he met Gandalf in the Shire at the beginning of "Fellowship." It's like his burden is finally lifted. It's how I think we will all finally smile when we enter Heaven someday.

Harry Potter / Lord of The Rings

Harry Potter / Lord of The Rings mash. I have not seen Lord of the rings but I thought this was pretty funny! -hmm I have seen lord of the rings, but, fair agreement!

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