Sweets for my Sweet
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While perusing a dream of opening a catering business for sweet tooths, this blog is a documentary of how Christie & Olivia perfect their baking. With a fusion between Scandinavian, French and American baking we are developing our brand.
4 Layer Cheesecake

4 Layer Cheesecake

Like ice-cream but cuter! : ) I prepared a frozen cheesecake like usual but divided the mixture in four and colored in different colors. Mix egg yolks with sugar, vanilla sugar and cream cheese…

Meringue bowl

Meringue bowl

Egg Whites, Meringue, Whipped Cream, Raspberry Whip, Vanilla Sugar, Vinegar, Bowls, Fresh, Sugaring

Strawberry White chocolate cupcake

Strawberry White chocolate Cupcakes

Strawberry cupcakes with white chocolate frosting. Simply yet elegant decorated with a single strawberry dipped in white chocolate with dark chocolate stripes.

Easter cupcake -Organic frosting

Ugly-cute Easter cupcake



This simple yet tasteful frosting recipe I usually use for my basic cupcakes. I generally do a big batch of this frosting and then just keep it refrigerated until next time I need it! Sufficient for about 10 cup cakes;

Peanutbutter & Chocolat Croissant

Peanutbutter & Chocolate Croissant

Spread peanut butter on the pastry puff and sprinkle chocolate chips over, then just roll the pastry puff in to a croissant as usual. Is almost a little bit to easy to make : ) Lots of Love /Olivia

Peanut Cookiedough fudge

Peanut Cookiedough Fudge

Rather simple to do, but a bit sticky : ) Great afternoon coffee snack!

Gothic romance

Gothic romance

Princess Cakes, Vanilla Cream, Cake Layers, Romance, Gothic, Marzipan, Raspberry, Sweets, Goth