Math Word Problem Task Cards. Includes 80 different addition, subtraction, multiplication and division cards suited to kindergarten, first grade and second grade. Includes 3 word problem mat options.

Math Word Problem Task Cards - Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication

Pin 6 *literacy* Materials: task cards and dry erase markers Description: the children read the problem, they draw it using pictures or symbols, then they write the word problem below.

This post has 10 examples of quick, meaningful follow-up activities that you can use at the end of your guided reading lessons - and the materials are FREE to download!!

10 Post-Reading Activities for K-2 Guided Reading Lessons

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Bring the app to (real) life with Pokemon GO activities and crafts. Pokemon GO activities are a good way for kids to stay in the game but be off screens.

Find the number of balls and solve the equation. Only for genius puzzles with answer. There are Three Pokemon balls: Red, Blue and Black, Find the ball values.

Pokemon Movement Cards! Get some of that energy out with some pokemon themed…

Get the wiggles out with Pokemon Movement Cards! Free Pokemon printables for kids who need a little active play and activities in their lives!