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Creepy Vintage Halloween Photos | This is scary

From Ossian Brown's exquisite collection of antique vernacular photographs of Halloweens past. Brown compiled his favourites of eerie found photos, all dating between 1875 and into a lovely new book titled Haunted Air. David Lynch wrote the introduction.

The Ronettes, 1966

The Ronettes before the Beatles’ 1966 concert in Cleveland where they were the opening act. The Ronettes opened most locations on that 1966 No. American tour - they were there at Dodger Stadium for the last time I saw The Beatles preform together live.

Jamel Shabazz: Back in the Day

Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer Charlie Ahearn’s Film Retraces a Moment in New York Style - Video 1 / 2 / 3 As a teenage photographer in early East Flatbush, Brooklyn, Jamel Shabazz set out to document the then nascent movement of hip-hop.

Lord Finesse & Fat Joe

hiphopclassicks: Lord Finesse x Fat Joe