Kristin Sundberg

Kristin Sundberg

Kristin Sundberg
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Shrink pot for storing carving knives or wooden knives - Shrink pots are endgrain vessles, carved green with a dry wood bottom carved to fit. As the pot drys it shrinks around the bottom leaving, if done right, a water tight vessel.

Easy DIY: A Knife Sheath Made from Balsa Wood

A professional chef shows an easy process for making protective knife sheaths from balsa wood.

/Bench knife boxes Sean Hellman: Sheaths for Mora 106 and 120

Green and traditional woodworking. Information, advice and how too on many aspects of green wood crafts. Information on wood courses and tool sales.

Pencil Case Leather Pouch

I love this idea, but I'd just use it as a on the go valet tray, keeping the pocket idea and the clutch option (different colours as well though.