Atsushi Wada  - Anomalies

A film by Atsushi Wada Colour design Misa Amako Sound design Masumi Takino Music Miki Sakurai Voices Yoshimi Tajima and Luiz Kruszielski Produced by Abigail…

Marina Zurkow - Slurb

Marina Zurkow on "Friends, Enemies, and Others"

Alan Warburton - Z

Directed and Animated by Alan Warburton. Commissioned by Animate Projects for Channel Random Acts series. Soundtrack by Max Richter.

Alec Finlay - Today

Navigations is supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award and is a collaboration between Animate Projects, Paintings in Hospitals, and Professor Anthony Chalmers and…

Alan Warburton - Spherical Harmonics

Spherical Harmonics is an experimental CGI animation produced for display on The Wall at The Photographers' Gallery, an 8 screen digital vid.

James Lowne - Our relationships will become radiant  Interview:

Three narratives unfold together. Inside a vast nature reserve sits a solitary building, a café, where an important meeting is being held by executives.

Kit Wise - Explosion  (

Kit Wise - Explosion (

James Lowne - SECTOR INFINITY BALANCE (instance)

James Lowne - SECTOR INFINITY BALANCE (instance)

971 Horses + 4 Zebras (exhibition)

horses and 4 zebras' opening at MADA Gallery this Wednesday.