Toolbox turned succulent planter for a rustic touch.

Easy Container Gardening: 7 Containers You Never Thought Of

Easy Container Gardening: 7 Containers You Never Thought Of I like the old tool box idea.maybe I should use some of the old ones I have stored in the garage!

Ladle as a succulent planter!

A Spoonful of Succulents! Great idea for my grandmother's well dipper from farm. Love this for the backyard! A delightful idea, and low maintenance too.

DIY:  Pumpkin Flower Pot Tutorial - extremely easy!

Tutorial: Flower Pot Pumpkin

DIY Flower Pot Pumpkin [Tutorial] : clean out pumpkin, fill with potting soil and plant pansies or your favorite flowering plant. super easy and fun autumn decoration! OR use artificial flowers if using indoors.

Succulent zen garden.

Modern Zen Gardens by Gardens of Wendiland! Great idea to adapt a zen garden using a pattern in colored sand with a cactus or a succulent!

Paperwhite bulbs + mason jars + colorful stones=perfect gift and on a buget, I am so glad I found this site!!!, making this weekend with the kids, if you think something would work simular or better let me know Paula McMichen, thanks

DIY Paper White bulbs in mason jars. They are grow quickly and are so fragrant. All you need is some a mason jar, some gravel and a tag that instructs the recipient to add water. You can line your windowsill with several jars, too. Love this idea!

Garden Jars DIY.

Ladyslipper and moss terrarium - love orchids.may have to try this if i can find a small orchid!

autumn box

Purple & green small potted garden - Ornamental kale is gorgeous color! Old drawer used as planter box


25 Terrariums To Try, Buy & DIY

this is beautiful . a pitcher plant; best idea is the bottle they are in! Very creative and practical for this plant!Research the requirements of each species. Carnivorous pitcher plants can be found all over the world.


VIBEKE DESIGN - I have so many baskets in the storage room. I need to remember to get them out and plant them around the house, patio, sunroom. It looks so fresh and inviting.