DIY Maak een krans van opgerolde pagina's van een boek. Made From Rolled Recycled Book Pages

DIY Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath {Made From Rolled Recycled Book Pages

Started this project. Haven't quite mastered the rolls not falling out when you tip the wreath but it is beautiful already. DIY Faux Curled Rosewood Wreath {Made From Rolled Recycled Book Pages}

Kerstkrans van toilet rolletjes - Christmas Wreath by Croissant en lavendel #recycle

A festive holiday wreath made of toilet paper rolls- Crescent and Old Lace featured at Totally Green Crafts crafts. You would never know it was made with toilet paper rolls!

Kerstkrans van pvc - Modern pvc wreath #DIY

When you think of PVC pipe, you probably don’t immediately think of fun, creative projects. PVC pipe is a great medium to employ while making holiday decorations or spending the aft…

Burlap Wreath with Polka Dot Letter #jute

Burlap Wreath with Monogram

Dennenappel Krans  | Pine Cone Wreath by HouseandHome #DIY

DIY: Georgian-Inspired Mirror Wreath

DIY Pine Cone Snowflake Wreath - This Christmas go natural! Create a snowflake wreath using pine cones. Glue pine cones to a cardboard snowflake template.

Babys Breath Wreath...remember this for holiday winter white party by Ingrid's Mind

Baby's Breath Wreath on Church door- Fluffy gypsophila ( baby's breath) is an absolutely perfect choice for creating beautiful wreaths to grace your venue doors. This would make a beautiful Christmas wreath!