Regnbåge i tyll!!!

Has a really great tulle rainbow and cottony rain cloud but also has a great cross art idea! 14 "Must-See" Sunday School Bulletin Boards, Doors and More!

Building with colored blocks

Similar to the window cling idea, but these shapes are more geared towards "building" and the colored light shining through would be an extra incentive to use these.

speglar i ateljén!

Reggio Emilia: Self-reflection. The Stanley Clark School incorporates this in PreSchool Students create self portraits at three times during the year, and their progress with fine motor skills is documented.

Wow... mirrors, glass blocks, lights & small world - from Make my dream come true (",)

Mirrors, glass blocks, lights & small world - from Make my dream come true - pic only

Loose parts, mirrors, blocks, toy animals, plants, baskets on the floor- click on image for better view ≈≈

Vary animals & landscapes by the habitat being studied. Gorgeous building area - image shared by pedagogiska kullerbyttan (",)

This environment was set up for the 1-year olds to explore with light, reflection and loose materials ≈≈

educational kullerbyttan: Solgläntan-by time and space for creativity and relationship

Syrenen Töreboda

Students' work should be displayed and changed often during the school year.