Neon colors

Collection by Beth Rivard


Neon colors

Beth Rivard

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Neon Party

Neon Party

Drinks! Drinks! Drinks!
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Drinks! Drinks! Drinks!

Prism - Colorful - Spectrum

Prism - Colorful - Spectrum

fragilespace: E hoi e, mixed media, 2001 - John Armleder


Do you know where I could get a geometric plaster skull for sculpting practice? I suppose plastic will do as well. I have no idea. Sorry

60 shoters fluo UV assortis - Vistaglo

404 Page introuvable

404 Page introuvable - Vistaglo France

egg layers by eaubscene, via Flickr

cachemash #99: egg layers

The technique is explained here.

Colorful doors

Colorful doors

Bright Neon - The New Balance Revlite Rainbow Joggers

Luminous Chromatic Kicks

New Balance Revlite Rainbow - If the New Balance Revlite Rainbow could glow any more than it already does, runners could probably do without reflective streams on their outfits ...

Bright eye

Psychedelic eye by GrotesquePuPPyMeow on DeviantArt

An unusual edit I did of my eye. Original make-up can be found on my modeling account here--> [link] Psychedelic eye

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I can't stay still for too long so here are the eclectic snapshots of my adventures among other things