cut a circle out of felt or a fabric that won't unravel, like fleece. Use a heavy needle and string or perle coton run thread around the perimeter. Voila - a drawstring pouch! - jewellery fair jewelry for sale, ladies artificial jewellery *ad

Mum & Co is a small family run fashion brand, designing exquisite and heartwarming handmade leather goods. Recently established, Mum & Co produce a range of minimalist backpacks and cases, each using natural leather, for that touchy-feely vibe, which suits this brand so very well.

Bag by Mum & Co.Mum & Co. is a small family run fashion brand, designing exquisite, minimalist and heartwarming handmade leather goods.


This idea - across body with the big amber bead Building Block Butter Bag « Pour Porter

On the Med.

Vintage Travel Poster French Riviera Beach La Plage de Calvi Art Print, by Roger Broders


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Canvas Laundry Cart

A perfect storage and organizational solution for any home -- whether it's used for laundry, craft projects or even toys. Featuring heavy duck canvas, a solid steel frame and 2



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Mini letterpress cards by Ten to Sen.

Konpeito is a cute looking and colorful Japanese sugar candy that isabout the size of a marble.