For pole beans and kids

Pole Bean Tepee Hideaway

Grow your own tee pee! Maybe add a hanging plant from the top and do climbing peas around the bottom. Or do morning glories and have a tee pee of flowers! Or mix the peas and morning glories together.

edging with stones

GRASS PATH edged with stones along border. Love the winding grass pathway. Love Grass Paths thin and wide, long and short, brief or endless. Soft meandering path by which to enjoy the garden. I am obsessed with Grass Paths.

Project: Steel pipe garden edging | A Gardener's Notebook

Steel pipe garden edging filled with succulents. I want to do this painted PVC pipe (without the plants inside)

Trärena nya pallkragebäddar med spaljéer

Like the look of these over typical trellis for vertical growing. perfect for small gardens where there isn't much space - grow upwards instead of out! - I like the idea of zig zag raised beds :)

Or build a cheap and easy bean fort. | 51 Budget Backyard DIYs That Are Borderline Genius

A nice old fashioned green bean tee-pee for an edible backyard play house.

Örtagård med flätade upphöjda odlingsbäddar

the great thing about raised flower beds is you can just plop them down anywhere and grow pretty much whatever you want

Asiatiska kålblad, spenat och sockerärtor

Asiatiska kålblad, spenat och sockerärtor

Kryddgård i rader med naturflätat

Kryddgård i rader med naturflätat


How to Make a Cheap and Easy Raised Bed Flower or Vegetable Garden Step-by-Step