Sebastian Orre

Sebastian Orre

Sebastian Orre
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Ingredients    Pork Shoulder Blade Roast or Picnic  8-10 dashes Worcestershire sauce  3-5 tablespoons your favorite dry rub (+more if desired)    Directions    1. Place meat in the slow cooker. Add dashes of Worcestershire sauce to the top of

A simple pork recipe prepared in the slow cooker. Makes a delicious pork roast for tons of favorite pulled pork recipes. A favorite slow cooker pork recipe. Make sure you use a pork butt or blade roast. Pork loin is way too lean and is terrible!

Grilled Beef Heart

I recently noticed beef heart for sale on our dairy's website and was anxious to try it. Does the thought make you squeamish?

Moroccan Heart Stew Ingredients

Moroccan Heart Stew: Beef muscle and heart meat slowly cooked with spices, lemons and apricots.