DIY Bird Mobile/Art Piece--a darling white version of this tutorial:

DIY Bird Mobile/Art Piece--I thought this was paper clay but the birds are actually made of cloth and perch is driftwood

Different colors possibly, but I think I am going to paint a bird and branch mural on the bathroom wall. Possibly owls, because I love owls, but I like this too

Inspiring Bathroom Makeover Ideas for Renters

these DIY tree lamp ideas which gives much natural and vintage look to room lights. We have also found some very defined shape wood logs to get chic DIY crafts

25 Beautiful DIY Wood Lamps And Chandeliers That Will Light Up Your Home

15 Easy and Wonderful DIY Bookshelves ideas 8

Awesome lighted branch as a wall lamp. Perfect for rustic homes. 25 Beautiful DIY Wood Lamps And Chandeliers That Will Light Up Your Home

Pour des toilettes poétiques, voici un DIY simple à réaliser : une branche d'arbre, et un oiseau.

Has to be the cutest toilet paper roll holder I've ever seen! Wonderful for a rustic/country bathroom. Made from a twig with a perched bird on it. Great idea for a DIY home improvement bathroom project.

DIY Branch Bracket via schmancy #Branch_Bracket #DIY #schmancy

For a more rustic look Live Wire Farms offer wooden mounts made from branches. Each piece is custom made and differs in price depending on wood and size. Go to Branch Brackets from Live Wire Farm.

Gör en egen julstjärna med hjälp av grenar och en liten ljusslinga! HOUSE of PHILIA: LITE PYNT I VÅRT CASA

Making a new star of david to put on top of my christmas tree. Representing both of my families this holiday! Make a star out of thin branches and then wrap with lights

DIY Household Hooks From Dead Tree Branches

DIY Household Hooks From Dead Tree Branches

karolinii blogg - Grenar som dekoration.. - Nattstad

DIY: Curtain rod made from a tree branch! Paint branch to match any room style OR paint an old curtain rod to add flair to any room!

Lampa av grenar

Lampa av grenar

4 st olika Klädhängare, gjorda av grenar. 4 different coat racks, made of tree branches.

painted branch as a clothes rack? hopefully Jeremy knows how to get those chains to hang from the ceiling!