Christmas Ornaments: I love these rustic stars made out of sticks. Can't get much cheaper and it looks so natural. I'd probably stick with twine but the different colored thread adds some nice pops of color.

make stars out of sticks another Easy Christmas Star Ornament idea. I did this last year, I made all different sized stars and displayed them on the fire place mantel

eucalyptus and white amaryllis in a simple glass jar - lantern and tine k light…

Make sure to keep your amaryllis house plant situated close to a window to give it ample light to grow.

19+ Earth-Friendly Natural Christmas Decorating Ideas | Christmas Celebrations

19+ Earth-Friendly Natural Christmas Decorating Ideas

Green and red signifies nature during Christmas. Although most trees have lost their leaves on fall and awaits the arrival of spring for new sprouts of greens, some trees loves the winter season and are in full bloom. Green means&

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Sometimes I wonder if scandinavian interior designers look mad lazy. Like, we never bother to hang lights in a propper way. We just go "Nah, I'll just lean it against something.

Christmas Decoration Ideas Scandinavian or Nordic style

76 Wonderful Scandinavian Christmas Decorating Ideas : 76 Inspiring Scandinavian Christmas Decorating With White Wooden Window Frame And Sof.


I hope you had a fabulous weekend? Anyone in need of a cosy winter retreat? This lovely Swedish cott.