End of Line

Swedish photographer and digital artist Erik Johansson creates amazing surreal artworks combining photography, raw materials and digital editing.

Set them free

"Set them free" by photographer Erik Johansson. Quite surreal and evocative, especially with the light focussed on the painting at the centre of the image.

Work at sea

this is pretty cool. Unusual Impressive Photo Project of Eric Johansson. Love the black and white effect but the color blue is added to the picture. Like how the girl is painting the wooden floor blue for ocean water.

Roadworkers coffebreak

"Roadworker’s Coffee Break," photo manipulation by Erik Johansson. Tic tac toe construction has never been so much fun!

Da fotografo autodidatta a mago di Photoshop,  Erik Johansson  fa sognare. Nelle sue opere, il fotografo svedese è riuscito a fare incontrare dipinto e arte digitale. ll risultato è un mondo onirico, antitesi surreale del quotidiano. Un immaginario nato dalla poesia, che si scontra con

Il mondo e il suo rovescio: la magia del fotoritocco

Swedish photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson is well known for his mind-bending photo-manipulations and optical illusions , which are all made with careful photography and Photoshopping.

Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson (Fishy island) I like this photo because it is total fantasy. An island on top of a fish, what in the world!